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  • A small collection of things that amuse me or make me think.
  • My reply Dan Lea's pages on atheism, which are no longer on the internet, these contained links to
    a whole lot of poorly argued rants against religion of the "I don't believe it so it must be rubbish" variety.
    Keith Bailey's reply to me and Lou Everard's additional comment.
  • Sheet of HTML 3.2 constructs which I use to check different browsers.
    HTML 3.2 is a good place to start learning how to write HTML for yourself.
    You can use "View source" on your browser to see how my HTML is written
    • Firefox, Chrome, Opera and MIE = ctrl+U
    • Safari = ctrl+alt+U on Windoze or Safari = cmd+option+V on MacOS
    • Netsurf = f8 with RiscOS on Raspberry Pi
    • Midori = ctrl+alt+U with Debian on Raspberry Pi
    Also an introduction to HTML and a list of the HTML 3.2 tags and their uses what I wrote.
  • A tongue in cheek extension to the HTML colour set containing colours like #C0FFEE.
External Links
  • Click the logo to open my Facebook page   Facebook logo
  • Here is the current modern Jennifer Trust for Spinal Muscular Atrophy web site.
    I started the web pages in 1997, initially on my own site, and maintained them until 2002,
    this is my archive of the site as it stood in May 2002 so the contact page and external links won't work.
    When this site was first launched (as part of my Demon website) it was cited by Contact-a-Family
    in their year-book as the model for charity website design!
  • A link to the Dragonmobility links page charities section which lists a whole bunch of support charities.
  • A source of pictures &c. from the Sabancý Collection in Turkey, the website vanished in 2004.
    People who know me will know about my turkophile tendencies; I find these pictures interestingly
    European and Ottoman both at the same time.
    This link is to Archive.org, in itself a useful link for archæological surfing.
  • Rich Geib's pages which is a big site which has been around for a long time.
    I stumbled across it looking for literary stuff, Rich used to teach English as a foreign language in
    Los Angeles and his site was a resource for his students.
    I still keep going back particularly to the "thoughts worth thinking" section.
  • The Griffenfly Universal Slide Rule which works on a Windoze computer and really does
    what slide rules do, i.e. lets you do the work.
    Better yet you can build a slide rule to replicate your own nostalgic student one
    (ok, I can also remember the world before the Beatles!).
    Here is a link to a pretty comprehensive introduction to slide-rule use.
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