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Jennifer Trust for Spinal Muscular Atrophy

JTSMA is a Jeans for Genes Guest Charity
for 2002 & 2003!

The Jennifer Trust is the UK support group
for people with Spinal Muscular Atrophy and for their families.

Since 1985 the Trust has grown to have more than 1,500 member families, and is in contact with other groups and families all round the world. This pool of knowlege and experience is available through this website and in all the Trust's activities which include : -

  • The Annual Conference in the autumn of every year. The JTSMA also organises occasional International Conferences on SMA.

  • Raising funds to support research into SMA, to provide special equipment and to sustain a network of support families and groups to be available to people affected by SMA.

  • Maintaining a chat-group to exchange information about matters related to SMA and regularly updated diary and links pages to keep up with activities and to help find other useful websites.

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The Jennifer trust is proud to have the following as Patrons :
  • Prof Victor Dubowitz, BSc MD PhD FRCP DCH
  • Liz Lynne MEP (Lib Dem, West Midlands Region)
  • John Nettles (Actor, RSC)

Registered charity No. 327669 in the UK.
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